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IPv6 iperf3 Trial

A simple IPv6 traffic test by using iperf3 without IPv6 NDP procedure. Real Programmers use iperf3 for the initial trial then make the REAL traffic generator by themselves.


Send packets from Client (2001:2::14) to Server (2001:3::19) via Gateway-Front (2001:2::12)

nmcli c mod eth0 ipv6.address 2001:2::14/64
nmcli c down eth0
nmcli c up eth0
ip -6 neigh add 2001:2::12 lladdr a0:36:9f:a3:5b:fe dev eth0
route add -A inet6 2001:3::19 gw 2001:2::12
iperf3 -u -c 2001:3::19 -b 900M


IP forward between Front (2001:2::12) and Rear (2001:3::12)

nmcli c mod enp1s0f0 ipv6.address 2001:2::12/64
nmcli c mod enp1s0f1 ipv6.address 2001:3::12/64
nmcli c down enp1s0f0 enp1s0f1
nmcli c up enp1s0f0
nmcli c up enp1s0f1
echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/all/forwarding


Receive packets from Client (2001:2::14) to Server (2001:3::19) via Gateway-Rear (2001:3::12)

nmcli c mod enp1s0f1 ipv6.address 2001:3::19/64
nmcli c down enp1s0f1
nmcli c up enp1s0f1
ip -6 neigh add 2001:3::12 lladdr a0:36:9f:a3:5b:ff dev enp1s0f1
route add -A inet6 2001:2::14 gw 2001:3::12
iperf3 -s